About ME

Sweet Hello Everyone! I'm Melgie owner/writer of The Sweet Cuisinera and Wish4less

WELCOME to my blog:)

Blog Description: Anything you WISH for LESS.  This includes handmade beaded creations, easy DIY projects, latest beauty and fashion trend for less, freebies, product reviews and family outdoor fun.

My Goal: Is to inspire my readers to be creative, resourceful and be frugal. Saving money on things you love is so FUN and exciting!

 Life Experiences: I love to challenge myself..:) That's why I'm making this new blog to improve my creativity and to share my experience. I love to inspire others and be inspired.

Inspirational Quotes:
" First say to yourself what you would be;
and then do what you have to do"- Epictetus-

I hope this blog will inspire you in so many ways and share that experience to your family and friends. See you around!:)

Send me an email for questions and inquiries at melgiecampbell@gmail.com

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