Wednesday, January 18, 2017

FREE Daily Goodie Box Review

Exciting January Daily Goodie Box!:)


Hello Everyone:)

I couldn't be more excited and happier to received this super awesome January Daily Goodie Box for FREE courtesy from Daily Goodie Box. Oh, Yes! another wonderful box that I cannot wait to share to all of you. It always feels amazing receiving these delicious goodies and wonderful products. As you may remembered my last blog post review of Daily Goodie Box just click HERE and HERE

If you LOVE receiving free samples and love to share your opinion about the products that you tried. Then, this blog post is right for you. The Daily Goodie Box is new FREE sample box service. Its totally FREE to join. Sign Up for free, you then fill out your profile so that they can match you with an awesome Daily Goodie Box that caters your personal style ( Isn't it wonderful) New boxes pop-up everyday and they offer both full-size and sample size products. Once the Daily Goodie Box send you a box for free. All you have to do is try the products and share your thoughts by leaving a review on their site. Its super easy Click HERE to learn more about Daily Goodie Box.

Best thing about Daily Goodie Box- shipping is FREE and NO Credit Card required EVER.
Its actually pretty impressive how everything fits inside the box. As always my January Daily Goodie Box was packed perfect. I totally love Daily Goodie Box! and I cannot wait to share with you what's inside my January Daily Goodie Box.So, Grab your favorite drink and join me as we uncovered what's January Daily Goodie Box in-store for us.

January Daily Goodie Box Includes:
As you can see there are a lot of new products to try which I'm very excited about. So, lets get started! Shall we?

New year should start with NEW favorites! So, let me share with you the first product on list which is my very NEW favorite popped chips. Introducing Herr's- Tangy BBQ Popped Chips This is my first time trying out the product (thank you, DailyGoodieBox) it taste absolutely delicious! Its light, crunchy, flavorful, and SO good! It has the right amount of BBQ flavor, its gluten free, and perfect for the whole family. O, Yes! this Herr's - Tangy BBQ Popped Chips is so addicting and so good. I can't stop eating them. A must-try product!:)

Next on the list is this EM+PACT- Protein & Energy Bar- this product is beyond amazing! The combination of my favorite ingredients sweet shredded coconut, raw almonds, white chia, and  organic golden flax is so good! the bar itself is chewy and naturally delicious. I can taste the coconut flavor and crunch from the almond. Its really good and perfect for snack or meal replacement. Indeed a bite to remember. 

I never thought that RawRev- Raw Superfood Bars tasted so good until I tried one. I can smell the aroma of chocolate chip cookie dough upon opening the package. Yum! The bar itself is chewy just like regular cookie dough and it taste so good. This RawRev- Superfood Bars are made from minimally processed plant based ingredients, infused with raw superfoods and loaded with antioxidants. This product is GREAT! and taste delicious.

After trying out those two delicious bars. Its about time to check out Gary Poppins- Simply Sea Salt This super lite 90 calories per bag popcorn is WONDERFUL! As a big fan of popcorn, this product really put the popcorn eating experience into the next level. It taste just like regular popcorn but I feel so good eating it, knowing that its Lite- Crafted, cholesterol free, good fiber source, and no trans fat. Its SO good! A must-try popcorn for sure.:)

Looking for new energy drink? Try this Alsa- Energy Drink that comes with 3 delicious flavors to choose from. I tried this product from previous Daily Goodie Box and I'm so glad that I get a chance to try it again. Its the newest and healthy energy drink mix that you will surely love. It taste good and refreshing. 

As I learn about Dream Water- Sleep Powder I found out that this product is perfect for sleeplessness. Just take one stick approximately 30 minutes prior to needing help with occasional sleeplessness with hot water, cold water, or without water. If sleep is interrupted take another stick to continue support restful sleep. This product is drug free & fast acting. For more information about this product visit

The last product on the list is this wonderful Natralia- Anti-itch soothing cream. This is my third time receiving this product and I absolutely LOVE it. I been exclusively using Natralia- Anti- itch soothing cream since I sampled the product for free from Daily Goodie Box. Its the BEST anti-itch product for my family. It soothe and relieve irritated skin, helps to alleviate symptoms of itching, and suitable for sensitive skin. I highly recommend this product to everyone.

...and that summarized my January Daily Goodie Box. I hope you enjoy reading my reviews. Keep that surprises coming and I'm excited to hear your first Daily Goodie Box experience. Don't forget to Sign Up for FREE its definitely worth doing as you may never know what may pop-up in your mailbox. Until next time everyone. Stay gorgeous as always!:)

xoxox- Melgie

Disclosure: I received this Daily Goodie Box for free to review. Opinions expressed are my own. Thank you, Daily Goodie Box for another wonderful surprise.

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....And that summarized my wonderful December Daily Goodie Box. I hope you enjoy reading my reviews. Keep that surprises coming! and I cannot wait for your first Daily Goodie Box experience. Don't forget to Sign Up for FREE its definitely worth doing as you may never know what may pop-up in your mailbox. Until next time everyone! Stay Gorgeous as always :) - See more at:


  1. Wow, another goodie box sis. I want that popped chips and popcorn. Perfect for movie nights.

    1. Its so good and perfect popcorn for the whole family. Thank you, Sis:)

  2. Sis gusto ko yang anti sleeplessness Dream water I need it


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