Thursday, October 6, 2016

EQTainment- The Q Wunder Movement Party

Tryazon: EQTainment Party Experience :)

Thank you Tryazon and EQtainment for these awesome goodies!

Hello Everyone :)

I'm super excited to share with you my EQTainment- The Q Wunder Movement Party experience that I received for free courtesy from Tryazon and EQtainment. As a mom of two wonderful kids getting my kids into different kinds of activities and games is just fantastic. So, when Tryazon chooses me as one of the lucky host of The Q wunder movement party, I was so stoked and so my kids! Just like you; this is also my first time hearing about EQTainment- The Q Wunder Movement. So,Together let's take a moment to get to know how amazing EQTainment. Shall we?

 EQTainment- The Q Wunder Movement Introduction:
Parents, did you know that social and emotional skills, not academics,have been found to be better indicators of child's future success in their career, relationships, health, and happiness? if not, its time to join the movement!

Thanks to Sofia Dickens, a Harvard alumna, mother of 3,  and founder of EQTainment, helping your child learn self control, problem solving, manners, empathy, resilience, leadership and social skills has never been more simple and fun. Through a special develop app, kids shows, games, story books, and more, you can help them on their way to school readiness and the development of these crucial like skills. (source: Tryazon)

I feel so lucky and grateful to be part of this sampling party experience; and able to share my experience to my family, friends, and to you my fellow readers. Are you excited to see what's inside my Tryazon: EQTainment Party kit? But first. Let me share..

What is Tryazon? "Tryazon is the newest way to try out innovative products. Host a party and get free stuff" Its super easy and free to JOIN and experience FUN of being a host. I've hosted countless great parties for free from Tryazon and I loved it! Sign Up now for FREE at Tryazon! :) Can't get enough of Tryazon? Check out my two latest Tryazon: Oodle of Fun Cupcake Party experience and Blount Organic Soup Party.

Let's get into my awesome #EQTainment Party Kit!:)

As one of the lucky host of EQTainment- The Q Wunder Movement Party. I'm so happy, excited, and thankful to received all these wonderful goodies valued at $80+ for free. Join me and together let's discovered what inside my party kit.:)

 EQTainment Party Pack Kit

Access to the premiering of q Wuder, a kids-themed show developed by EQtainment!
FREE download to the new Q Wunder app
An oppurtunity to join a conference with Founder, Sofia Dickens
Exclusive inserts & coupons for you and your guests
Party Host Guide- to help you plan and carry out the party

The EQTainment - The Q Wunder Party Begins:

I started it off by inviting my friends to come and have fun with EQTainment Party kit. Together we had so much exploring, learning, and sharing our experience to one another, of course we had so much fun playing with our kids. The first game we played was the Q's Race to The Top Board Game- this is where the kids help Q (the Genius Monkey with a LOT to learn about life) race to the top of his tree by answering question and performing fun actions. It's actually my kids favorite; A lot of laughter and just pure fun!

The Q's Race to The Top Board Game includes:
- 150 fun question and action cards
- The first storybook, Q's Wild Ride
- 4 colorful Q The Monkey Figurines
- 1 Big green dice
- Gameboard featuring the tree house Q built

After we had so much with the board game, then, we proceed to Q's Race on the GO Pack offers 90 questions and action card in a convenient case. Perfect game on the-go! To make this game super fun for the kids, I let them take turn to snuggle the Q Wunder " Q Buddy time" while listening to Q's Wild Ride CD and Storybook and to top it off; I let the kids do fun activities using the Q's Coloring Book it took them good 45 minutes to finished their creations. It was beautiful! Meanwhile, me and my friends explore the Q-Wunder app and eating our favorite snack that I prepared for the party. The whole experience was so much FUN not only for the kids but also for adults. I surely recommend this products to everyone! Great stuff for kids and perfect gifts for any occasions.

I hope you enjoy reading my blogpost and inspires you to join The Q Wunder Movement Party. Grab these great EQTainment products and experience the fun learning activities with your kiddos. I'll see you in few days! Don't forget to smile and stay gorgeous as always.:)

P.S. Thank you so much to Tryazon and EQTainment for another super fun party experience.

xoxox- Melgie

Disclosure: I received all the products mentioned above for free courtesy from Tryazon and EQTainment. However, all opinion express on this are my own. Thank you so much #Tryazon #EQTainment #QWunder

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  1. UY, this one looks nice and fun! This looks like a cool ice breaker for everyone. I wonder if this will be available dito sa PH. Dami talagang magagandang gamit jan, sis!. heeh.

    1. Salamat Sis, my kids and the whole family love this game. :)

  2. Those freebies are nice. Buti pa dyan ang daming freebies at talagang maganda at magagamit.

    1. I agree with you, I'm so glad that Tryazon and EQTainment chose me to host this one. Wonderful experience for my kids, friends and family.


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