Sunday, October 25, 2015

Tryazon: RoosterFin Game Night Party

 RoosterFin Game Night Experience


Hello Everyone!

Yay!!weekend is here and I couldn't help myself but to feel happy and excited about the RoosterFin Game Night party that I got for free courtesy from Tryazon. Yes! Another awesome freebie that I'm super excited to share with my family and friends. Before we get this party started. I'd like to say thank you to Tryazon and RoosterFin Game for this awesome party experience.

 So what is Tryazon? "Tryazon is the newest way to try out innovative products. Host a party and get free stuff!"  This is my fourth time to host a party from Tryazon and It felt amazing! As you may all remembered my first post HERE. All the great products they offer to try out are pretty impressive and its FREE. Yes! you heard it right- totally free. All you have to do is SIGN UP. Just simply apply for sampling party that interest you, get selected, received the product for free and host the party. Then, share the experience with your family and friends and enjoy.Super easy right? I think so too!:)

I'm super happy that I got picked as one of lucky host of RoosterFin Game Night. I know that its going to be fun and exciting game night for everybody. Keep that excitement coming! Join me, As we take a look what's inside my RoosterFin Game Night Kit.

My RoosterFin Game Night Kit Includes:

*  Fun party extras like table characters, RoosterFin News, & additional start play cards.
* Exclusive Coupons for me and for my guest
* Party Host Guide- to help you plan and carry out the party.

My RoosterFin Game Night Experience!:)
To start our fantastic RoosterFin Game experience.  I invited my friends and family to come over and have a wonderful game night party with our kiddos. The RoosterFin Game is super easy and fun to play. The kids LOVE the Lumpy Cubes game and the Mohawkz, while me and my friends played the Rooster Race. We also tried the Lumpy Cubes and the Mohawkz and it was awesome! We keep laughing and had a wonderful night playing with RoosterFin Game.
As as host of RoosterFin Game night. I also have a coupons that I shared to my family and friends which help them get discounts on the three games mentioned above. So awesome!! Let's play!:)
How to play?
Lumpy Cubes- quickly and correctly stack your 4 cubes- kinda like a memory game but its more fun than just stacking  the cubes, It's perfect for the kids and adults!
Mohawkz- bounce the ball into the target to win points-  this will test your skills by bouncing each ball, one at a time towards the target. If you score 6 consecutive  points in a row you are a Mohawkz Master. 

Rooster Race- collect the most corn.  The fun of guessing cards. Players take turns guessing if the card is higher or lower than the face-up card in the center of the table. Player with the most corn wins!! wohooo:)

I personally recommend RoosterFin Game! It's perfect for family game night, sleep-over, and friends get together- that will surely your kids, family and friends will love and enjoy. I hope this blog post inspire you on your next family game night day, and don't forget to grab RoosterFin Games. I'll see you in few days everyone! Stay gorgeous and don't forget to SMILE!

- Thank you so much Tryazon and RoosterFin Games for this amazing experience.

xoxox- Melgie

Disclosure: I received this awesome RoosterFin Game Nigh Party Kit for free courtesy from Tryazon to try out. Opinion is 100 percent mine. Thank you! #tryazon, #roosterfingames #tryazonparty
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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Crowdtap: O.B. Pro Comfort Regular Tampons Review

o.b.® PRO COMFORT® Regular Tampons

Hello Beautiful Ladies!

My week has been amazing and exciting!  amazing because I'm able to spent a lot of time with my kids and exciting because I'll be doing a review on O.B Pro Comfort Regular Tampons that I got for free courtesy from Crowdtap. Yes! another awesome product review from Crowdtap and O.B Pro Comfort- super happy and thankful  to test this product for free. Come on, lovely ladies let's discover this new product and have fun.:)

 What is Crowdtap?-  crowdtap is the place to use your creativity to win gift cards and score free products from big-name brands. Brands will challenge you to discuss and showcase how you use everyday items—through photos, videos, and writing—and then reward the best submissions."
It's totally free to join Crowdtap, all you have to do is SIGN UP. Start exploring the site and let's have fun tappin' together. I been a member for over a year now and I LOVE and PROUD to be Crowdtappers. Everything about Crowdtap is great, and the fun part you'll get a chance to win gift cards at the end of the month. ( Thank you much Crowdtap!)

Let's take a peek what inside my perfect O.B Pro Comfort Regular Tampons Kit:) Excitement overload!
  • 3 samples of packs of o.b.® PRO COMFORT® Regular tampons
  • 3 samples of o.b.® carrying cases
- As always the package was packed perfect, provided by tracking number that was sent to me by Crowdtap. Promise! it always feel good getting such a great freebies from Crowdtap. Love it! (wink)

My experience with o.b. pro Comfort Tampon was great and amazing! The only one with silk touch covers for ultimate protection and comfort. It super easy to use and I feel protected all day long ( awesome!) The package also includes 3 cute little carrying cases, which makes it super easy to carry around. Trust me! this little carrying case is so adorable and super cute. I can easily store 4-5 O.B. pro Comfort tampons, that I can share to my family and friends whenever they need one. I truly enjoyed and love my O.B Pro Comfort Tampons experience. Have you tried O.B Pro Comfort Regular tampons? If, So, share your comments below. I love to hear your thoughts. Don't forget to wear that great smile and stay gorgeous as always. I'll see you in few days for more fun, exciting and amazing blog post. Have a great day everyone.:)

- Thank you to O.B Pro comfort and Crowdtap for this great sample and share experience :)

xoxox- Melgie 
  Disclosure: I received all the product mentioned above for FREE courtesy from O.B Pro Comfort and Crowdtap. Opinion and experience shared is 100 percent mine. Thank you so much #Crowdtap, #Spon #OBProComfort
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