Friday, September 18, 2015

Earn Money Online doing Surveys

How to Earn Money Online doing Surveys?


Hello Everyone!:)

Today, I'm taking you to exciting world of world wide web has to offer "earning money online" exciting because I'm sharing great, fantastic survey sites that is legit and I use. Grab your favorite drink and let's chat! There's plenty of ways to earn money online and one of those, is doing surveys. Yes! that is so true and I have proven that myself. 

I don't make a lot of money doing it, but over the years I save some (wink). I was able to buy great things like bar stools, grill and much more for free just by doing surveys and its so fun!  If you love to earn extra cash this blog post is right for you. I'll be sharing all the things that I've learned and let's have fun doing surveys together. Shall we?

Let's start with my favorite survey site Swagbuck  where you can earn prizes (free gift cards) for doing the same stuff you do online everyday like shopping, watching videos, searching, playing games, printing coupons, and much more with the Swagbuck System.

Super easy huh? "What is Swagbuck?" - unlike other pay to search survey sites, Swagbuck rewards their member with various amounts of points, called SB, for the task and activities they do online. All you have to do is collect enough SB to exchange for gift cards. Isn't it exciting? Let's start earning some Swagbuck Just simply go to or simply SIGN UP here its totally free to join and you can start earning SB just by completing your profile. Awesome!

Tips for Earning Swagbucks:
- Do the Daily Task everyday. It will give points by answering POLLS, NOSO and Encrave.
-Answer SURVEYS- this is the highest SB earner for me and I love it! Check their Gold Surveys, Partner Surveys and Peanut Labs Surveys.
- Search and Earn- Just use Swagbuck for searching and you can earn random SB's and sometimes they offer COLLECTOR Bills just like the photo above which makes it so fun.
- Watch out for free Swagbuck Codes that Swagbuck releases everyday. You can find this codes on their FB page, Twitter, Blog and Instagram.
- Play GAMES
- Watch Videos check out Engage, Sponsored Videos and Daily Break at Swagbuck Home Page to earn more SB.
-HIT your DAILY GOAL to earn SB bonus ( Meet your daily goal for 7 days straight earn 25SB, 14 days- 100 SB, 21 days- 200 SB and if you meet your daily goal everyday for a month you'll earn 300 SB bonus)
- Use Swagbuck when SHOPPING to earn SB.
- Referrals - refer your friends and earn extra SB.

Now that we have what it takes to earn Swagbucks. Its about time to exchange our SB into gift cards or cash through Paypal. REDEEM: 100 SB= $1 If you choose to exchange it with gift cards, you can exchange as low as 300 SB which is equivalent to $3 gift cards of your choice, popular ones are amazon, target, wal-mart to name a few. I like PAYPAL but the lowest amount is 2500 SB which is $25.  I know it sounds like a lot of SB's but you'll get there, I did it multiple times and I know you will too.:) Sign up and let's start earning together!:)

Next on the list is INBOXDOLLAR- It pays you to read paid e-mails, take surveys, watch videos, search the web, pretty much what you do everyday. I been a member for over a year now and so far I liked it and my experience is great. You can simply click the banner below to SIGN UP and earn $5 bonus OR you can go to


I'll share my personal experience and how to earn little extra with Inboxdollar everyday. Here we go!:)
- Search search limit for a day is .15 cents. Keep using inboxdollar search bar until you reach the limit for the day. 
-Watch Videos this is one thing that I like aside from the searching. 
- Paid emails come 2-4 times a day which is .02 cents per e-mail. Simply click confirm e-mails and done.
-Take SURVEYS I'm not so lucky on their surveys but I did qualified for some. BUT if you got disqualified, you get a chance to SPIN the Wheels and earn sweeps entry, cash bonus and tokens. 
- WinItCode Inboxdollar releases unique code that you can redeem for sweeps entry or some cash bonus.
-  Take  OFFERS  usually give a chance to sign up on other sites then get paid the amount stated at Inboxdollar offer. I did multiple offers only to those company that I like.:)
-Refer your friends.

Inboxdollar Payment Options: * You must earn at least $30.00 to request a payment

 As you see my on my earning history- I was able to cash out multiple times and working on my next one. Once you reached that $30 payout. You can check out using their payment options:

 Traditional Check- I like this! it has $3 processing fee but that $3 will be loaded back into your account to use for next time. That is why I always have $27 something when I cash out my check.

Visa Cash Card- Same thing as a check it has $3 processing fee but they will load that $3 back into your account. Its works like normal DEBIT card that you could use anywhere. 

Inboxdollar Ecard- If you like electronic gift cards, this third options is for you. I haven't tried this personally. So, let me know what you think. I'll stick with Traditional Check for now.:)
So, guys! Sign Up now and keep that earnings coming!:) 

If you like Inboxdollar as much as I do! then, you will love the next Survey site on my list- Why? because it works pretty much the same.

SendEarnings It pays you to read paid e-mails, take surveys, watch videos, search the web, pretty much what you do everyday. The pattern is very familiar, just pretty much like Inboxdollar. I been a member to the site for over a month and so far I LOVE it! and I know that you will too. Join now! SIGN UP for free and earn $5 bonus simply click the banner below.

My experience with the SendEarning is great- for over a month I have to say that this site is really same as Inboxdollar. Here's some tips on how to earn bucks with SendEarnings.

- Search search limit for a day is .15 cents. Keep using SendEarning search bar until you reach the limit for the day. 
-Watch Videos
- Paid emails come 2-4 times a day which is .02 cents per e-mail. Simply click confirm e-mails and done.
-  Take  OFFERS

So far I earned 20.72 just by doing things that I normally do. I haven't reached my $30 payout yet but I'm working on it one survey at a time (pabaebae lng!). I hope this inspire you to Sign Up and lets start earning together!:)

Are you still there? Yes, I know this blog post is the longest blog post ever. (Etchuz! Naubusan na akong ng English, hahaha) I'll promise you- this is the last Survey Site that you wouldn't miss for sure. 
Let's go and explore Mintvine has to offer.

What is Mintvine? a new survey panel that pays you for participating in their studies. I been a Mintvine member for almost a year now. And I HEART this site! Its super easy to use. All you have to do is SIGN UP for free, complete your profile and start earning points. Whenever you complete a survey or an offer, you will be given certain number of points. This points can eventually be converted into cash payments through Paypal or giftcards.

Tips to Earn Mintvine points: 
- Answer the Daily Poll for 5 points. Complete 10 poll in a row for 25 points bonus. Sound awesome right?
-Mintvine Surveys  gives you various amounts of points for every qualified surveys. 5 points for disqualified surveys, and sometimes I get 30 points which is great.
- Take OFFERS 
- Refer your friends!:)

 You need a minimum of 1000 points to cash out your account  (1000 points is equal to $10) which I found very reasonable points. I cash out so many times at Mintvine  (target gift cards and lately pay pal) they also offer amazon gift card and more
Making money online is so much fun try Mintvine  and SIGN UP now.

And that's how I earn extra money doing the things that I do everyday.  Its fun, convenient and I LOVE doing it. I hope this super long blog post inspire you in so many ways. Don't forget to sign up on all four of the survey sites mentioned above and let's have fun and start making money online. 
Enjoy the rest of the day and I'll see you in few days for more fun blog post!:) 

Stay pretty and gorgeous!:)

xoxox Melgie 

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Friday, September 4, 2015

Influenster: Wellness Voxbox Review

 Influenster Wellness Voxbox Unboxing!:)

 Disclaimer:  I received this products for free complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. 

Hello Everyone!

I truly missed all of you! and of course blogging. It's been like twelve weeks since my last post and it felt like forever. I was extremely busy for two months between summer vacation, work, family time, and of course preparing lunches for my kiddo whose now in first grade. I'm extremely happy to be back and excited to keep both of my blogs updated (wish4less and sweetcuisinera- etchuz!)
Let's keep this excitement coming! What about awesome product unboxing review? Sound exciting, Isn't it? It's been like three months and I missed doing it. I'm stoked to revealed my latest #WellnessVoxbox courtesy from Infuenster- all the products are amazing!

So, What is InfluensterInfluenster is a community of trendsetters, social media masterminds, and educated consumers who live to give opinions of products and experiences. Its totally FREE to join, just sign up HERE. After logging in, all you have to do is make an Influenster profile, make sure that you provide detailed information to match in future invites and campaign. You also need to connect your social media accounts and share your experience online in exchange for getting the product for free.
I'm so pleased and happy to be part of this awesome #WellnessVoxbox. Simply awesome!
What is VoxBoxes?- boxes filled with complimentary products from your favorite (or soon-to-be-favorite) brands. Not all Voxboxes are created equal: some programs feature an assortment of products while others will spotlight one awesome brand. But make no mistake: All VoxBoxes are created awesome.  If Influenster think that you may qualify on next Voxbox, they will send you a survey to take and you may receive Voxbox if your qualified. 

This #WellnessVoxbox is super exciting! Join me as we uncover every great products I have. Let's go!

Olay Active Botanicals Refreshing Gel Cleanserfeaturing a hydra complex infused with snow mushroom, which holds 500x its weight in water. This gel cleanser washes away in impurities, leaving skin soft, fresh and ready for the next step. I totally love using Olay Active Botanicals refreshing gel cleanser. My skin feel soft and it smells great! This product is available at Target for $5.99 #ActiveBotanicals

Attitude Hair Care  -  Attitude hair care products were developed with uncompromised safety in mind, using only worry- free ingredients. This product is great! It doesn't contains any chemicals makes it so perfect shampoo for the whole family. This product is available at Target for $9.99

New! Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer- give your skin the moisture it wants when it wants it-right after you shower. Simply apply before you dry and say hello to hydration and luminous skin. LOVE this product and it keep my skin moisturize. Awesome! Available at any stores for $7.99 #WetSkinMoisturizer #ApplyBeforeYouDry

Colgate Enamel Health Mouthwash- this new mouthwash offering from Colgate strengthens enamel even where brushing miss. The flouride formula helps replenish natural calcium back into enamel and reverse enamel softening to prevent cavities. Mouthwash is part of my oral care routine and it feels great knowing that Colgate Enamel Health mouthwash strengthen my enamel. Loved it! Available at any stores for $2.99 #ColgateEnamelHealth

Keep up that excitement everyone! As I introduce you to a new APP called Yaye- simply download the app HERE
The most effective and enjoyable way to get fit & healthy with the people that matter to you.  Set and achieve goals and lose weight together as you share the fun and excitement together with your friends and family. This is awesome!! NOTE: I downloaded Yaye as part if sponsored trial. #YayeMadeMeDoIt

How about this amazing UrgentCareRx Ache and Pain Relief To-Go this fast- dissolving dose of UrgentRx Ache and Pain Relief To-Go is great! It's got a dose of powdered. flavored aspirin to reduce inflammation and pain. Perfect medicine on the go for sure! Available at any stores for $1.39 #myurgentRx

Lastly is the Attitude Dishwashing Liquid- this product does not contain chemicals and it hypoallergenic. Love using it! Simply pour 2 ml per liter of hot water for use in a standard sink.:) #ATTITUDELiving

I hope you guys enjoy my Wellness Voxbox review as much as I do. It felt amazing to be able to sample all of them for free. The whole experience was super fun and exciting! 
Have you tried some of the products mentioned above? If so, I love to hear your thoughts and lets share our experience together. I'll be reading all your comments--:) Enjoy the rest of the day, and don't forget to check out Influenster site and have fun exploring great products. I'll see you in few days for more fun and exciting blog post. 
Always smile and stay gorgeous!:)
xoxox- Melgie
 Disclaimer:  I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. Opinion and experience express is 100 percent mine. Big Thank you to Influenster and to all awesome products mentioned aboved.
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