Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Sweet Memories with Friends

Meet my Dearest Friends:)

Sweet Hello Everyone!

When I started my blog 3 years ago, I always talked about how fun and cool my friends to hang out with but, I never really get a chance to create a blog post just for them. So, when Crowdtap send me an invitation  to write a blog post about my BFF's and get a chance to win "Girl's Night Prize Pack" that includes gourmet popcorn pack, popcorn bucket, Bridesmaids DVD, Hard Copy of YES Please! by Amy Poehler and a bag of Hershey's chocolate courtesy from Crowdtap. I was really excited!! I been wanting to do it for long time. Finally! I get a chance to introduce to you my  "Friends for Life"  - and let me tell you something! This ladies are simply AMAZING! and one thing we have in common is we are all proud to be "Crowdtappers". Oh YES! we love Crowdtap and who doesn't? So, What is Crowdtap? Crowdtap is the place to use your creativity to win gift cards and score free products from big-name brands. Brands will challenge you to discuss and showcase how you use everyday items—through photos, videos, and writing—and then reward the best submissions (source: crowdtap.com/contest ) It's totally free to sign up and experience how awesome to be #crowdtappers just like me and my friends.

Are you excited to get to know more about my friends? I'm sure you do! Grab your drink and let's talk. Let me start by introducing their names and how we met.

Michelle (2008)-  I met her through friendster.com and we been best-friends for almost 7 years now. We do things together and always hang out on special occasions. She's simply an amazing friend. I am so grateful to have a friend like her.

Cherry(2012)- I met her through Michelle's friend (Jerjay) I asked for cherry's number and texted her. I found out that our apartment complex is next to each other. Since, then we hang out pretty much every week and always visit each other until (September of 2013- My family finally move out in the apartment and bought our new house. Then, July of 2014- Cherry and her family bought their new house and It was few blocks away from my house) It's so funny how things unfold we are officially neighbors for the second time around.

Rose (2012)- We met at my workplace! She was shopping that time and her hubby asked me if I'm Filipino and I said YES! and then Me and Rose talked as if we been friends for long time. ( Now we are working in same place!:)

Hobbies and Interest in LIFE:)

- We do hang out pretty much every week on our day offs. We cook foods, eat and watched movies on DVR. We also share same fashion when it comes to SPORTS. Yes! we are a big Buckeye fan. We also enjoy eating out together, bowling night escapades with our hubbies and strolling on the mall with our kids.

- Celebrating my birthday with my friends for life -
-January 2015-

I'm so thankful of having them as my friends they are very supportive, awesome, kind and I feel like they are my sisters. I consider them as my family and I will be forever grateful that I have the sweetest friends ever. To all my sweetest, dearest and loving friends- I love you all! cheers for more fun and unforgettable moments together.
I hope this blog post inspire you to share you own story of your BFF's/ Friends- True friends are hard to find, I'm so blessed to have them in my life. Treasure all the moments together and have fun!:)
Stay warm and gorgeous everyone and I'll see you in few days!:) 

P.S- To all my friends here and back home. I love you all!:)

xoxox- Melgie

Disclosure: I was invited by Crowdtap to write a blog post about my BFF. Opinion is express is 100 percent mine. Thank you #Crowdtap for the opportunity.

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Super Duo Beaded Bracelet

Super Duo Beaded Bracelet- Spring Color Collection

Beautiful Day Everyone!

I hope you all have a great week so far. It's been a very cold winter for me. As I been curling up with my favorite blanket, drinking hot chocolate and staying toasty warm inside the house with my lovely kids. So, today I'm very excited to share with you my latest Beaded Bracelet creations featuring the Super Duo Beads. I finally put into used the gift cards that I won from Crowdtap and been shopping at Amazon. I bought different beads color and sizes, beading needles (which I'm really excited about) Super Duo beads and Vintage Clasp (which is by the way so awesome!). The best part about this purchased was, I got really good deal and free shipping. Yippee!! It adds up to my excitement to make this Super Duo Spring Color collection which makes this winter feel little warmer. Also, the vintage flower clasp that I used is so PERFECT! Do you agree?  It just makes everything just comes together the perfect outfit, the perfect bracelet and the perfect YOU! (wink) One more thing about this bracelet- its super EASY to make and I would think that your kids will LOVE to help.:)

Are you excited to make you very own handmade beaded bracelet and have FUN while doing it? Come on join me as we make this bracelet together. I'll promise you its so FUN! Don't forget to invite your crafty friends and your family.:) Enjoy!!

Material needed:

5ft 8lb. Fireline- unembellished style- (I made the unembellished style on this tutorial)
8ft. 8lb. Fireline- embellished style
5- 8mm round beads
10- 6mm round beads
60- Super Duo Beads
11/0- seedbeads
6/0- E beads
Clasp- of your choice
jump rings- (Optional- depending on what kind of clasp you have )
2 beading needles

NOTE: Choice beads color of your choice. Mix and match and have fun. Also, adjust the beads needed if you have to personalized  the size of your Super Duo Beaded Bracelet.

1.) Looking at the picture above. I made an outline on how the Super Duo Bracelet will going to look like. Let's start by sliding the flower clasp, then add 4 11/0 Seedbeads on both string. Criss cross both string on the 6mm round beads.Tighten is up really good.
2.) On both string slide 6/0 E beads, Super Duo and 11/0 seedbeads.Criss cross on 8mm round beads and tighten up the string.
3.) Again on both string, slide 11/0 seedbeads, super duo, 6/0 E beads and criss cross on 4mm round beads. Tighten it up and it should look like the on the photo above.
4.) On both string. Slide 11/0 seed beads, super duo,11/0 seed-beads and criss cross on 6/0 E beads. ( I used blue color this one) and tighten up the string.
5.)  On both string slide (2) 11/0 seed beads, (3) Super Duo, (2) 11/0 seed beads and criss cross on Blue 6/0 E beads.
6.) Slide 11/0 seed beads, super duo, 11/0 seed beads on both string and criss cross on 6mm round beads. REPEAT the process from 1-6 until you get the desire bracelet length.
7.) When you trying to put the clasp just slide 4 11/0 seed beads, the clasp and another 4 11/0 seed beads. To make the bracelet tighter and durable. Using your beading needles. Run the string one more time and tighten it up along the way. It makes the bracelet stronger.
8.) Enjoy your Luxurious Super Duo Beaded Bracelet.:)

Wearing this Luxurious Super Duo Beaded Bracelet is amazing. I love how it match perfectly on my outfit and this is so perfect for Spring. Don't you think? The best thing about the whole experience is learning new beaded bracelet pattern and have a great bonding moment with my daughter. Awesome!!! I'm planning to make another set of Super Duo Beaded bracelet ( Embellish Style). I'm excited to play with my beads and can't wait what I can come up with. Yay!
 I hope this inspire you to be creative and crafty in so many ways. Have fun making DIY projects and Beaded Bracelets!See you in few days for more fantastic blog post here at Wish4less!!:) Stay gorgeous and warm!:)

xoxox- Melgie

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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Perfect Valentines Day Look

Our Perfect Valentines Day Look

Happy Valentines Day to all!
Wohoo!! two days more to go and its Valentines Day. Although I don't consider Valentines Day as holiday it would be nice to do something fun and nice with your loveones right? A simple bake goods, homemade cooked meals, Valentines card or a simple "I Love You" is more than enough to give you that "kilig" moments and feel the love on FEB-ibig month.
Last year I did blog about my Valentine and still a moment to remember (wink!) So this year, I had a special Valentines Card for my hubby and his favorite chocolates of all time (Reeses Peanut Butter Cups). Yummo! the good thing about this chocolate company is- they actually make heart shape Reeses Cup which is so perfect for Valentines. I'm excited!!!
Excitement overload? Oh yes! Me and my friends actually played with our make-ups and revlon hairtools  and decide to do our hair and simply beautify ourselves by putting make-up on each other.
 ( hahaha)
 Come on! Lets discover together and bring out that simple and sexy look this coming Valentines Day. (wink)

Start it off with Beautiful HAIRDO: Simple tips on achieving simple yet beautiful hair is by using hair straightener and get that nice curls on your hair just like my friend Rose. A ponytail hair is also great for any date night. Whatever you feel great.. GO for it.

Next is the PERFECT MAKE-UP: Keep it simple- All you need is foundation of your choice, blush on, eyeliner, eyeshadow, lips sticks, lip-balm, brow liner. It is so much fun if you have friends who like to experiment on make-ups... So FUN! trust me!:)

Amazing Outfit!- Now the you have great hair and nice make-up. All you need is that perfect outfit! A comfy sweater, scarfs, leggings is a perfect outfit for Valentines Day look for me. What about you?

A perfect simple Valentines look that surely comfortable and impressive this Valentines Day. It only took us less than 30 minutes to get our hair done and the make-ups. You should go out, have fun and enjoy the sweet moment this LOVE month. Girls: Don't forget to feel good and look good for your loveones....and don't forget to say " I Love You"~ Stay sweet and in-love! I'll see you in few days for more fantastic DIY, pretty for less look and much more! Have a great day!:)

xoxox- Melgie

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

DIY: Valentines Box and Cards

Reyna's Valentines Box and Card for School

Heart Day Everyone!

Advance Valentines greetings to all of you! I'm madly in-love with my daughter's school project for their Valentines Party next week. Together, we made this Valentines Box and Cards. I'm telling you! It was so much FUN! I love how my daughter getting excited to make her classmates cards. Starting off by cutting their cute pictures and writing names on the card. My daughter also perfected to draw the heart shape, just super CUTE!. I can't help myself to share the whole experience here on my blog.

 The final product of our mag-ina combine is effort is priceless. It also gives us time to bond, talked, laughed and eat candies together (hahahah) I let my daughter design her Valentines Box and I must say its perfect! I did wrote her name and put her picture on the top of the box and that's pretty much what I did. I also make sure that she spelled the name correct on the cards. It give me excitement seeing the final product and she can't wait to give the cards to her classmates. As a parent seeing my kids full of excitement give a boost of energy and inspiration.. totally LOVE the whole experience.

Join the excitement! us as we make our first Valentines Box and Cards! wink:) If you need some Shoe Box inspiration you can check my post HERE.:)

Things you'll need:

Shoe Box/ Gift Boxes
Disney Princess Cards
Spider Man Cards
Stickers/ Embellishment
Heart Tapes


1.) I used store bought Valentines Box (save me money buying wrapping paper ) Althoug I'd like to make everything from scratch buying ready-made from the store will save you time and money.  If you decide to make from scratch check my blogpost HERE.
2.) The next you should do is DECORATE the box- Yup! the most fun and exciting part that your kids will enjoy. I let my daughter glue the heart and owl on the side of the box.
3.) On the TOP of the BOX- I put her little photo between the owl and the heart. I also wrote here name below and decorate with more embellishment.
4.) I let my daughter write her classmate names on the cards and let her practice cutting their photo and glued them on the card as well. ( note: the cards are store bought but you can totally make at home)
5.) We stick heart stickers everywhere and DONE! The Valentines Box and Cards is ready.:)

My daughter is pretty excited about their Valentines Party! She's so excited to give the cards to her classmates and she will be receiving cards from them as well. How FUN right? The making of this Valentines Project for school is simply amazing. I did had FUN and so my kids and of course we did enjoyed eating candies along the way. 
Do your kids do this kind of project at school? Share me your ideas on the comment below!  and let's celebrate love month with full of inspiring DIY projects and lots of love!!! Enjoy the rest of the week everyone and be inspired.:)

xoxoxo- Melgie

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