Friday, August 15, 2014

Mini Garden- First Harvest

My First Harvest

Happy Friday everyone!
How you all doing? Getting excited for the weekends? I am! We are going to attend a family reunion and my daughter is going to kindergarten this coming Tuesday. How exciting is that? How about you? Any exciting family escapade this week? Anyway, Do you remember about my Mini Garden blog post couple months ago? Well, this week I'm super duper excited, its HARVEST TIME!. Yup! I harvested beans 2 weeks ago right after I got back from my vacation, followed by okra and tomatoes about 3 days ago. It feel really good seeing your plants grown and having fun harvesting. My kids helped picked up some beans and tomatoes which is really cool.
The tomatoes are extremely big, It's kinda look like a baby watermelon to be honest.. hahaha As you can see the photo above the tomatoes is laying on the ground because its too big and heavy.. wink!:)
The okra is really good in size and its seems like it always ready for harvest and so the beans. You guys, gotta share me your first harvest experience. I love to know what did you have and your favorite fruits and vegetables.

Here we go! presenting the fruit of my hard labor (hahaha) my very own green beans, tomatoes and okra. This is also save me from buying tomatoes, pepper and green beans this summer which is awesome! My kids just adore picking this vegetables, its so fun when they are running inside the house and keep me updated about the garden. It's kinda like our morning routine- check the garden, eat breakfast and play.
Definitely, I'll be planting more vegetables next year and make my mini garden better than this year. I still have some space where I could utilize for next year plan.

 Harvesting was so much fun but making a meal out of it, is so much exciting. Check out my handpicked MENU- featuring my fresh garden vegetables.
Ginisang Monggo- with fresh okra and tomatoes. Pancit Canton with fresh pick green beans. This recipes are always a hit in my household, added with fresh vegetable from the garden. Now, that is what we call DELICIOUS!

Until next time everyone! I hope you find this post so inspiring and delicious! Share your fun garden experience on the comment below. I'll be reading all of them. See you in few days for more exciting and fun outdoors activity, frugal finds, DIY and much more!:)

xoxo- Melgie

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