Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Beaded Pendant

My First Beaded Pendant

Hello Everyone!
Are you excited seeing my beaded pendant? Yes! I'm back with my beaded creations wohoo! It's been awhile and I'm happy seeing my self going through with my beads again. I made earrings and bracelet before but never tried to make a necklace pendant, seems like intimidating but I'm so inspired today, OR I would say inspired overload hahaha. The inspiration behind this beaded pendant and all of my bead creations is from YouTube video- Alesha (beadifulnights)-She's so awesome and super easy to follow tutorial! 
Since, my daughter just turned 5 couple days ago. I wanted to surprised her with this necklace pendant but you know, its hard to keep surprises in my house, especially that my kids follow me everywhere I go. When, I started digging and looking with my beads, my daughter just literally pick the colors of beads she wants. So, that's how we came up with a little bit of everything here. It was fun! and I think it would compliment her fashion taste. Are you ready for super easy tutorial? I promise you! its addicting and super fun to do.:) The finished product is awesome!- (I'm not gonna take this necklace off Mommy!- Reyna said) How sweet right? I'm thinking about making one for myself too!
The idea is add this beaded pendant with your necklace chain and that's exactly what we did on this project. If you have a good beaded necklace chain, its also just perfect!
Come on let's start making them. Its also a perfect way used your left over beads and create this simple yet awesome pendant.

NOTES:- choose your favorite bead colors and sizes. Make sure that your center pieces starts with smallest beads then round beads and then larger beads.
- I used whatever I have on hand, So, you don't have to buy special kind of beads to create this Beaded Pendant.

 2 ft. 8lb fishing line
(4)  4mm round beads- dark brown
(4)  6mm Bi-cone beads
(4)  smaller beads- red 
(8) 6/0 beads- silver
(8) pieces 8/0 round beads- white
11/0 for embellishment- rainbow color
necklace string of your choice-

1.) First you need to make the base/ the front of the pendant and to do that. All you need is slide 11/0 on the middle on both string slide down white beads which is the 8/0 but you can totally used whatever smaller beads you have on hand, then slide 11/0, then 8/0 again then crisscross on the 11/0 beads.
2.) After making the base we are going to start to make the second later of the pendant.  On the left string add the round beads- brown round beads then the bi-cone and slide the thread into the first white beads on the base.
3.) Do the same process until both thread are existing on round dark brown beads then slide the bi-cone and crisscross. Keep the thread tied enough make sure that it look like on the photo above.
4.) It's time to add some embellishment on the outside layer of the pendant. by doing so, Just simple slide any smaller beads you have, in this project I used red. keep going ti until all the side are filled.
5.) I add more 6/0 silver bead on the side to make the whole pendant secure and pretty looking. But you can totally skip this process. I just think its kinda pretty. Then slide  (12) 11/0 beads then go through every single one of them to make it tight to make a little loop for necklace string.
6.) Done! just add your favorite necklace string or you can make personalized  the way you want it to be.:)

 What do you think about the finish product?  Would you add this to your kikay accessories? Another sweet idea is. This  is also a thoughful gift ideas to your friends and family and even your daughter will love having them. I hope you get inspired and you learn something here. Thank you so much for reading and visiting my blog. I'll see you next time for more awesome beaded creations, fabulous freebies, outdoors fun and much much more. Enjoy the rest of the day and be inspired!

xoxox- Melgie

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Awesome Week- Inboxdollar, PinchMe and P&G

 First InboxDollar Check, PinchMe and P&G freebies

Hello Everyone!
Last week was the busiest week so far. Starting off with our 6th wedding anniversary and then followed by Reyna's birthday celebration and Father's Day. It was FUN being with my family and friends celebrating special occasions. Now, I'm back with my normal routine but first thing first. Let me share you my awesome week!
 Started off  by receiving my FIRST Check from Inboxdollar, pretty stoked about it! One thing question that pop up would be. What is Inboxdollar? So I got little introduction for you:)
What is Inboxdollar?
InboxDollars pays members to read emails, take surveys online, play games, and go shopping! New enrollees also receive $5 just for joining so this offer will convert extremely well to a broad based demographic, especially users interested in freebies, surveys, sweepstakes, discounts, or coupons online money making opportunities

Yup! It was totally surprised on the mail. Not to mention that I only spent few minutes everyday reading paid e-mails, doing surveys and watching videos. Totally fun survey site that pay the things that you already love to do. I'm already working on the for next check!  If your interested click HERE to sign up :)

PinchMe Samples- I'm beyond excited to try another Sinful color nail polish- (clementine color), trial size bottle of Dove Shampoo and conditioner and Summer Eve toilette's and wipes. They are all looking fabulous!. I can't wait to try them all especially the nail polish. I hope you all remember my PinchME sample reviews that I posted not too long ago. I did received a pink sinful nail polish and loved them.

Lastly- My P&G samples and coupon booklet for this quarter is finally arrived! I love being a member of P&G company. They sent out samples and coupon 4 times a year and you can select what coupon you want and sample of products that your interested with. As you can see, I got the new Herbal Essences Body wash and Olay body wash- They smell wonderful and I can't wait to try them and buy more using my coupons. Wohoo!

The awesomeness continue this week by receiving my first check and all this lovely samples arrived on my mailbox at the same time.  I can wait for second check already and I'm working on it..:) Share me your thoughts about Inboxdollar and your latest kikay, freebies and crafts escapade this week. I hope you enjoy reading my blog. See you next time for more fun moments that I'm going to share here on my blog.
Have a good day everyone! wink:)

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Reyna's turn FIVE-bulous Today:)

Celebrating her 5th Birthday

Hello Everyone!
 Help me greet my daughter whose celebrating her birthday today. Yup! she just turned 5 today and being a Mom to her for 5 years is an amazing experience. Shes always been a wonderful kiddo. All those sleepless nights, tiring days and such, are all worth it.
Who is Reyna- Let's just say that, every name have story behind it, and my daughter's name is no different. Finding the right name is harder than I thought, until that one name came across and just Perfect!

REYNA- is Tagalog word for Queen. Tagalog was declared the official language by the first constitution in the Philippines, the Constitution of Biak-na-Bato in 1897 ( source: wikipedia)

How fun it is to know about your name for instance? Now that you know what Reyna means. Its time to take you back where everything started. My amazing Birth Story-:) Lifetime experience that I'll forever treasure in my heart.:)

 As Reyna's parents, we are so blessed to have her. She's grew up and mold to be an excellent example to her little brother and to everyone surrounds her. We are very blessed to have her in our life. Seeing her smile and giggle bring so much joy and happiness to our hearts and make our days brighter.

 3 Things that you should know about Reyna:
*Amazingly FUN to be with - Everything she do is CUTE, that makes her more fun to be with. :)
* Fashionista- Yup! you heard it right! She love to change her clothes and mix match colors and shes very good at it. She also love nail polish, earrings and all girly kikay stuff.
* KIND Heart- She helped her little brother clean his bed every morning, helped me with house chores and water out Mini Garden. She also expresses her love and affection through hugs, kisses and drawings.

Wondering how Reyna spent her days? Well, since its her birthday. I'll give you an inside glimpse to Reyna's everyday world. You might want to babysit her at some point ( hehehe )
Reyna's Daily Routine- Woke up! Checked my room if I'm awake :) Fixed her and her brother's bed. Helped me prepare breakfast. Then she can either watch TV or movie, then playtime. Oftentimes, she practice writing her ABC's then nap time..:)
Since, today is her birthday. It's going to be a special day! I'm inviting my friends to come over and I hope that we can go outside for little picnic as per request by birthday girl. It's going to be a fun busy week ahead of me,  Saturday is our wedding anniversary and Sunday is Reyna's birthday party. I'll keep you posted next week.
 Until next time everyone!Enjoy the rest of the day and see you next time..:)

P.S- Happy birthday Reyna- We love you dearly, Coco Bear:)
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Monday, June 2, 2014

Asian Festival 2014- Outdoors Fun

Asian Festival 2014- Caricature

 Hello Everyone!
The weekend goes so fast for me. We didn't do much aside from take the kids to the playground yesterday and as usual I worked. It was simple and fun weekend for us. Anyways, I would like to share our Asian Festival experience last last week. I know, kinda late post ( busy as a bee!) So, here it is:

 What is Asian Festival?
This annual event with more than 100,000 visitors with participation of many people regardless of origin and ethnicity.It is also  recognized as one of the major special events in Central Ohio at Franklin Park.

Activities and Attractions at Asian Festival:
- these are the activities and attraction that you and your family will enjoy during your visit. That's the reason why we keep coming back every year. It's just FUN experience for me and my family. The very first thing we checked upon arriving in the festival are the:

1.) ASIAN FOOD- Yup! foodies lover galore! There's a lot of food stand ready to devour. You can smell all the grilled food from different Asian country. I was hungry when we arrived so I ordered Pancit, Pork Barbecue, Suman malagkit and Lumpia Shanghai for my family. They are all equally delicious! and you don't have to worry about the DRINKS because there's plenty of varieties that you could choose from.

2.) PERFORMANCE / MARTIAL ARTS-   This is the second place to checked out. You got the food and the drink. Time to eat while watching the dance and martial arts performed. I suggest invite your friends to come over its so much fun.

3.) Asian Games and Culture Exhibits- As you tour the place you'll encounter people dancing on the side, some are playing games and of course cultural exhibits, where you'll see different pictures, plants, figurines from different Asian country. There's also place for kiddies to play and color.

4.) Market Place- This is my favorite place! It's basically a market area where you can buy stuff and maybe souvenirs. This year we got the CARICATURE for my kiddies. /check out the photo below. Isn't it amazing? I think its very cute and it really look like my kids just in cartoons character. The artist did a really good job! :)

That was our Asian Festival Adventure 2014- I didn't take a lot of pictures because of people madness. But, I'm excited how everything turn out for us. Will definitely coming back next year for more fun galore experience. The CARICATURE was framed and was place in our basement where my kiddies playroom. One thing for sure! It is so much being at the Festival:) 
Enjoy the rest of the day everyone. Until next time.....
xoxox- Melgie
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