Friday, May 23, 2014

PinchMe Sample Reviews

PinchMe Sample Reviews- Sinful Colors, Advil PM and Beyonce Rise Perfume

Hi Everyone! the most awaited day of the week is finally here.. yahoo! It's Friday! I'm excited because its Asian Fest week and Memorial day is coming up. Although I don't know for sure what I'm going to do tomorrow but I'm excited that I'll be with my family the whole day and maybe we can take a peak on Asian fest, finger crossed! hhehe. 
Another exciting part is getting my PinchMe sample this week. I always get free sample every other 2 weeks at and it always excite me trying new product before buying them. Isn't it exciting? Remember my first experience about check out my post here. The concept is so simple:
Sign up and become a member
NOTE: If this is your first time you need to put you cellphone number to get a confirmation code during the check out process. It may take 5 minutes on mine.:)

STEP#1- Choose a product- Just select what is available sample- Remember, sometimes its limited so act fast before it run out.
STEP#2- Try it out-   for FREE, Yup! you hear me right..:)

STEP#3- Have your Say-  :)  give your feedback about the product and earn points.

STEP#4- Get Rewarded- It will tell you what level you are and what rewards you'll get.:)

This week, I got Sinful Colors " ForgetMeNot" Its pretty pink and glittery. As you can see in the picture its a full size nail polish. As you all know me, I love painting my nails as you can see on my post here. It s so fun seeing my nails in different colors. I do change it so often too hehehe, along with my daughter. So, getting this freebie is so awesome! 
Another thing I got is the Advil PM which is I used the other day. It seems like I fee like I'm getting sick and it help me through the night, to top it all off, I got a coupon too.. wohoo! 

The coolest part about the freebie is Beyonce Rise Perfume. It smells really good! as a big Beyonce Fan can't ask for more hhehehehe. I would definitely love to buy this perfume and add it to my collections. The sample is 1.2 ml which would be enough to used twice or maybe 3 times. It so easy to carry around too since its so cute. Do you love Share me your sample and experience. Enjoy the rest of the week..:)
That's all for this week. Enjoy the Memorial Day weekend with your family and friends and I'll be seeing you next week for an awesome and fun moments.:) Until next time:)


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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Snuggle Scent Boosters Review

Smiley360 Mission- Snuggle Scent Boosters- Lavender Joy

Hello Everyone! 
Its been a busy week for me between work and home, running errands and house chores, well at least my kids help me a little bit. One thing to look forward today was my free sample of Snuggle Scent booster has arrived in the mail yesterday. Yup! I'm pretty excited to try this one, since I'll be doing my laundry today. Do you like trying new products? If so, let me share  how I got this awesome freebie on the mail.  I'm a Member of smiley360 since October of last year. If you are interested you can sign up HERE or you can check for more information. What you have to do is apply for a mission, if you're qualified then you just have to wait for your free sample on the mail. Share your your personal experience through smiley360 sharing tools and earn smiles before the mission expired. Pretty easy huh? This is my second mission and pretty happy about it. Check out my first mission review HERE from smiley360.

I applied for the mission May 1,2014, the package arrived yesterday and this is what it looks like before and after opening the package. One thing, I noticed after opening the package is the awesome smells. I received 20 scent pacs Snuggle Scent Booster - Lavender Joy- and Snuggle Bear. My kids love the Snuggle Bear because its so cute and smells so good. Today is the perfect day for laundry day! And I'm using my Snuggle Scent Boosters- Let me share how easy it is to use..:)
1.) Toss directly into washer drum-  for larger load used 2 scent pacs and 1 scent pacs for regular load.
                                                           no spills, no mess... pretty cool!:)
2.) Add your laundry                      -  Simply toss your laundry into the washer.
3.) Wash                                         - Safe for All Washers, including HE
4.) Enjoy the Snifference              - give your laundry a burst of long lasting scent. I LOVE the smells

I did a regular load and put 1 scent pacs. It smells divine! I can't describe how much I love Snuggle Scent Boosters. It is super easy to use and our clothes smells so good!. I would definitely buying more of this product and recomend this to my friends and family. Have you used Snuggle Scent Boosters? Share me your thoughts and experience.:)
Until next time everyone! See you in few days for more exciting ramblings fun ideas that I can come up with. Have great day!:)

x0x0x0- Melgie

Disclosure: I received my FREE Sample of Snuggle Scent Booster- Lavender Joy from
I enjoy and love using this product, opinion and experience express is 100 percent mine. Thank you, smiley360:)

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mini Garden

My First Mini Garden

I was born and raised in the farm. I remember most of childhood being with my grandma in the farm. Where me and my cousins usually hang out on the Mango trees close to our house. Eventually, as I get older I started helping my parents in the farm plant corn and sugar cane every summer break and sometimes Saturday and Sunday. So, being away from my homeland, I'm kinda missed being in the farm planting corn and stuff. It's funny how I hated it back then, It felt like never ending chores especially when its so hot and all you have is little hat and face of cloth on your face.  Now, I'm missing those times, I'm not talking about hard labor but seeing the plants grow and the smell of fresh cold air... (hahaha)
Anyways, now that we have our own place. I can have a little garden of my own and I'm beyond excited to share  what I have. ( Hahaha) When I say "Mini" I mean cute! don't you think? It's my first garden here, kinda like a learning stage ika nga. I planted everything yesterday after from a joyful birthday celebration of my two close friends. Its like fiesta once again, lots of food, laughter and just having fun under the sun with gazillion bubbles blowing. Are you excited what did I have on my first mini garden? C'mon I'll show you a few of vegetables and flowers I have...:)

My mini garden consist of Marigold flowers on both side. On the left side,  planted 3 tomatoes and 8 red bell pepper. I also planted couple of beans on both side. On the Right side, I planted Okra and Spinach. The excitement fuel me to finished planting the whole thing yesterday. I finished almost like 8 P.M ( overtime din pag may time) hahaha. This morning I clean up the side and water the plants...I can't wait for my vegetables to grow. I also love to plant more flowers on my mini garden as well as the front of the house. Most of my time spent outside because of the nice weather and my kids love to be outside. Nothing feels like sipping your hot chocolate, blogging, watching the kiddies play and looking at your vegetables grow. Believe me, its so relaxing!
I'll keep posted when my vegetables starting to grow, harvest time and maybe some tips along the way.
Do you love gardening? Share me some of your garden experience and what kind of fruits, vegetables and flowers do you have?
Till next time everyone! Have great week ahead.:)

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