Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Easy DIY Gift Boxes

Easy DIY Gift Boxes

(perfect for any occasions)

Hello Everyone!
I'm really excited to share with you my super easy DIY gift boxes. They are not just cute but they are also super easy and fun to make. Can you feel the excitement right now? Talking about excitement, Are you excited for upcoming Mother's Day? If you are missing that perfect gift boxes for your Mom or for friends birthday? This is the right place for you. I'll show you how easy it is to make that perfect gift box not only for Mother's Day but for any special occasions.
The idea behind this DIY gift boxes, is, when I can't find a box for my Personalized Key Chain that I'm planning to give to my friends. So, when I saw this empty soap box, the idea is just right on. I traced the pattern into the card stock and I realized how perfect it is. I made two more in different colors and add some touch by wrapping the center part of the box with scrapbook paper. Whoala! I'm pretty excited and happy with the results and of course I'm stoked to share it here on my blog. This is also a perfect bonding time with your kiddies or friends...:)
I would say, perfect box for cute little things like bracelet, earrings, key chains, souvenirs and even favors. I've listed few of gift ideas below for upcoming Mother's Day that you could buy or make to go along with this cute gift boxes.  Keep it simple and creative. Let's make every occasions and extra special one. ( wink) Check out my super easy peasy tutorial below...

- Used any card stock you like.
-You can used colored wrapping paper or scrapbook paper.
-Design and embellish the box with your personal touch. Add ribbons and note/ gift tags to make it extra special.

Gift Tag Samples/ Special Note: 

From: My HEART
To: Yours

From: Beautiful Sender
To: Gorgeous Reciever

Things you'll need
Card stock- any color or design you have in hand.
Colorful wrapping paper or scrapbook paper
Empty box of soap- for pattern
Ribbons/ embellishment- ( optional )

1.) Trace the empty box of soap into a card stock for a desire pattern. Cut the edges to remove unused card stock. ( Tips- don't throw away the unused card stock, used it as gift tags.)
2.) Fold and then cut the edges of the pattern.
3.) Slide the scissor onto the crease of the card stock to emphasize the pattern and get that smooth edges.
4.) Glue the box on the side and on the bottom. Let is set for couple minutes until it sets.
5.) Leave the top open.. ( Refer the photo above # 5 )
6.) Done! It's time to embellish this boxes. I keep mine cute and simple by using colored scrapbook paper. Simply cut the scrapbook paper and glued it all around the gift boxes.

Gift Ideas:

I'm going to put Personalized Beaded Key chain on this gift boxes. The idea is put some tissue paper on the bottom, Put the Key Chain, add more tissue paper on top. You can either wrap it ribbons or you can just simple glue the top of the box. I also made homemade bread for them to take home. I'll be posting the recipe of the bread on my food blog soon,:)

Also beaded bracelets and earrings are perfect gift ideas. I actually have some beaded tutorial here on my blog if you like to check them out for bracelet, I have  Lattice Beaded Bracelet for tutorial click HERE, and Crossing Path Beaded Bracelet tutorial.
For Earrings- Dangle Earrings is my first choice, also Hug and Kisses are super cute!

Aside from DIY beaded crafts, you can also just get a small cute figurines, or a nice necklace will do. I'm out of gift ideas right now. ( hahaha ) Do you have anything on mind? Please share your thoughts. I love to know what are your plans on Mother's Day.:)
Until next time everyone! I hope this crafty moments, inspire you to make that perfect gift boxes for Mother's Day. Keep on browsing on my blog. See you around! wink:) Enjoy the rest of the day.

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Blue Nail Polish

Easter Color Inspired

 Happy Friday Everyone!
I'm back again with another nail colors inspired. This time, I'm using one of my favorite color, BLUE. I'm taking the BLUE color into next level by adding some glittery effect to it. The glitter nail polish was my daughter's idea and I think she's right. The result, Awesome! Do you agree?  The combination of pastel blue nail polish and pink glitter is just perfect together. I think its also so perfect for Easter.
Painting nails is actually one of my favorite thing to do especially now that my daughter is into it. It also fun activities you can do with your girlfriends, swapping nail polish and taking turns painting each other nails. It just so much FUN.
The secret of having a great nail colors is having FUN while doing it.:)

This is the sneak peak of what pastel blue look like. I'm more than happy to have nails like this everyday but my daughter suggest to add some glitter.
I've done  silver , pink , and orange check them out. Let me know which one you like.:)

  Beauty Tips:
- Pick your favorite brand and color of nail polish.
- Make sure that your nails are clean and polish. I personally don't go beyond cleaning my nails just little trim and brush is fine with me.
Right Handed
- Start painting your RIGHT hand using your left hand. Let it dry first before applying the second coat of nail polish.
- Pain your LEFT hand using your right hand.  Let it dry first before applying the second coat of nail polish.
- If your LEFT handed, paint your left hand with your right hand and vice versa. I found this method so much easier and less mess..:)
- Let the nail polish completely dry.
- Enjoy your fresh painted nails anytime of the day!!:)

This is the finale snap shot! wohoo so love the combination of two. I'm so ready for Easter! Are you? My kids keep asking me about Easter Bunny and super excited for some egg hunt this coming Sunday. I can't wait either, My kids excitement just makes me smile!
Until next time everyone! Be inspired and paint your nails before Easter and have fun doing it.:)
Happy Easter everyone:)
See you in few days for more awesome gift ideas, craft moments and much more!

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My Scrapbook Keepsakes

I LOVE Scrapbook!

Hello Everyone!
Finally! I can feel the spring, wohoo! One of my favorite past time aside from blogging and watching movies is the scrapbooking. I like to transform and be creative with our photos, especially after I have my two kids. I did free digital scrapbooking for awhile and create some cute digiscrap but not long after I had my second baby the digiscrap site was sold. No more free editing software and free embellishment. I'm little dissapointed and later on I lost my interest. So, that's how this Scrapbook Keepsakes come to place. I started to put everything together in a scrapbook album for both kids. I love the idea of turning those photo into memories. Sometimes, I just love to look  their albums and read every notes that I made and it makes me smile. How do you preserve your kids special moments? Do you do scrapbook as well? The good thing about scrapbook are you'll able to express your creativity and its FUN. I've seen my kids growing up so fast and then when I looked up their albums it just amazing how everything change..hehehe.
To get you started, below are the materials you'll need to make a very simple scrapbook. All of the stickers and embellishment are included on the album, but you can totally buy more sticker if you want to and be as creative as you are. It is also one simple way to organize your kiddies photos and mementos.:)

 First lets start with the PAPER or PHOTO ALBUM- I think you can buy this stuff on craft store or any store at baby section. I got both photo album from my baby shower.:)
Stickers/ Embellishment- All of my stickers are included on the photo scrapbook, but I've seen a lot of sticker on sale at craft area. Check them out.
PHOTOS- This the most important thing in doing scrapbook. Organize all the photos from birth to present. Then put stickers or notes on the side of the photos make it look personalized and perfect.
Tickets, Events, and ALL  FIRSTS- After 12 months. I only take photos on special occasion like birthdays, Christmas and such. I also keep all the important events that happen that year like airline tickets, movie theater tickets. I also keep their first haircuts, first birthday pictures, everything FIRST is photograph :)

So simple and neatly organized right? To all Mommies out there, turn that simple photo into a fun moments. I'm sure that your kids will love and appreciate it later on. I hope you get inspired making your own scrapbook.  Be creative, Be you! My kids are bugging me to go outside and play bubbles (hahaha) I bet its FUN. Until next crafty moments everyone. Keep browsing on my blog and I hope you get inspired...:) 

P.S- I appreciate all my readers, visitor and friends who keep coming back on my blog. It means a lot to me. Thank you!:)
xoxox- Melgie

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Personalized Key Chain

Key Chain Made of some Beads

 Happy Tuesday Everyone!
What a nice day to make a personalized key chain that made of left over bead materials. I do have few big and small beads and I have no clue what to do with them and whoala!! surprise! surprise! I finally figured what to do with them and make it more beautiful by adding some charms and just varieties of materials combine. Guess what? a KEY CHAIN! I know, its not that special, but let me tell you something. This is the cutest key chain you'll ever have. Why? Its not only you can used it to make your key chain lovely, you can also decorate your purse with this lovely personalized key chain, AWESOME!I've listed few ideas below on what you could used with them so check them out below.. wink:) It is super easy to make! you can just connect everything  and make it look pretty.
Another thing is, it is also so perfect for like party giveaways, gift or just personal used. You can totally widen you creative on this project. Combine your favorite beads color and just have fun with it. you'll be surprised with the result..:) C'mon and join me on how to make this cute little babies.:)

 Materials you'll need:
Left over Beads- any size and color
Key Chains Charms- (usually found at crafts store)
Key Chains
Head Pin
Jump rings
Chain nose and Round nose pliers and Flush/Wire cutter

1.) Slide the beads of your choice into a head pin. Make a loop using the round nose pliers. Do this step over and over again until you got enough beads for your desired key chain lenght.
2.) Connect all the beads into a round cluster or you can directly connect into a key chain.
3.) Just add some charms and some more beads to make it personalized and colorful.
4.) Attached your creation into a key chain. DONE!:)

 Ideas on how to used your personalized key chain:

You can basically just do whatever you wanna do with your personalized key chains. I like it hanging on my bags/ purse to get that fashion and so girly look. It also make your purse look so CUTE! Do you agree? Sometimes I do carry just my wallet for some errands and I promise you it look so cute with your wallets as well. See the middle pictures? And Lastly attached it to your stash of keys.
What ideas you have on mind? What else you could do with your personalized key chains? Share me your thoughts?

 I hope you get so inspired by this super easy personalized key chains.  Perfect way to make used of your left over beads and nice way for cute little appreciation gifts. Till next time everyone! Enjoy the rest of the day. See you in few days!:)
Keep browsing of your favorite bead creations, be inspired and just be YOU!:)
x0x0x- Melgie

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