Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Crossing Path Beaded Bracelet

Crossing Path Beaded Bracelet

 Happy Wednesday Everyone!
It's been a busy week for me! between work and house chores. I also into movies lately and spent most of my free time on the couch watching movies and doing my beads bracelet and same time. This week even with the hectic schedule I still able to make this Crossing Path Beaded Bracelet, a combination of my three favorite color which is green, pink and white. The pattern is pretty simple once you get hang into it. It basically repeating same pattern over and over again until you get into desire length. This is a perfect beaded bracelet because of the very materials needed and basically you can totally used whatever size of beads you want. A very nice to put those little beads left to used. I made couple Cross Path Beaded Bracelet with different  color combinations and will be sharing it here on my blog soon.  What you been up today? Is there crafty moments you do with your kids or planning to do? Please do share:) If you like this beaded bracelet. I hope you do.. ( heheh) I listed the materials and simple step by step tutorial and hopefully it will inspires you to make something like this.. a fun way to spent the whole day!:)

Materials you'll need:

10/0- white beads
6/0- E beads ( White and Pink)
6ft.  Fireline/ 8 lbs. fishing line


1.) Make sure that both tips of your string is level. Slide the 10/0 beads ( green)
2.)  Both string slide 6/0 E beads ( pink) then 10/0 beads (green) then 6/0 ( white)
3.) Slide the 10/0 (green) and cross the string. On right string add (5) 10/0 beads ( green )
Run the string twice to make the base stronger.
4.) Exit both string on 10/0 beads ( green)  cross the string.
5.) Add  on both string 10/0 beads (green) then pink another green then white another green beads, white and then green beads.
6.) Then go back on the base, exit the string on the first pink beads then into the green 10/0 green beads.
7.) Do same thing with the other side to get that balance. It should form like flower with 4 petals. Just like the pictures below.
8.) Add  green beads and cross both string the repeat the pattern from (5-7) or until you reached your desire bracelet length.
9.) Enjoy your new and cute bracelets!:)
To be honest its hard to put into words the pattern for this Crossing Path beaded bracelet but HEY! there's a lot of YouTube video around that you might wanna check it out for reference. I'll promise you once you get the pattern your SOLD! I love doing this kind of bracelet simple yet so fun to make. I hope you get inspired. Till next time my friends... Enjoy the rest of the week and see you in few days:)
x0x0x- Melgie

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Easy Dangle Bead Earrings Tutorial

Girly Pink Bead Earrings

Happy Tuesday Everyone! Another super fun and cute handmade bead earrings that will inspire you throughout the week.This is super easy to make and your kiddies can help you put their favorite beads together and make super cute earrings out of it. Last week, I made a Blue Bead Dangle Earrings  for myself, and of course my lovely daughter ask me if I could make her an earrings too. So here it is! She choose the bead colors and of course its girly pink it actually matches with her pink dress. The earrings are pretty easy to make, promise! It only took like couple minutes to make a pair. So, it gives me plenty of time to clean the house, give my kiddies a bath time, cook and bake some sweet dessert for tonight. Its pretty productive day and I'm so happy!
I still have a lot of time to sit down and watch my favorite TV shows and maybe make more beads bracelet or something. I would say that this is also a priceless bonding moments with your kiddies. Don't you agree? Let's make this earrings together! Below are the materials that I used, But you can totally change the color and size of the beads according to your liking. Be creative! Be YOU! :)

Materials needed:
2 ear wires
2 head pins
2 light purple 4mm round beads
2 light pink 4mm round beads
2 white E-beads
2 jump rings- (optional)
Chain nose and Round nose pliers and Flush/Wire cuttter

1.) Slide the  light pink 4mm round bead first, then the white E-beads and then the light purple 4mm round beads. Repeat the process one more time.
2.) Using round nose pliers, Hold the headpins about an inch or so enough to twist the wire and create three loops
3.) Using Chain and Nose pliers. Add the dangle beads on the ear wire. Make sure that you connect it well before moving to the next pair of earrings or you can use jump rings whatever make easier and work out for you. :)
4.) That's it! Just make sure that everything is well connected:)

I told you that was easy, wanna make more? hehehhe. Till next time everyone.. I'm going to watch my favorite TV show. Surprise your daughter or friend with this super cute dangle earrings. See you in few days:)

Be inspired! and Share:)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Blue Bead Dangle Earrings Tutorial

 Blue Bead Dangle Earrings

Happy Tuesday Everyone!
Yahoo! I'm off today, the weather is great and I'm munching some butsi with my kids right now. It is not fun to separate this tiny little beads at all. So, I'll make sure that it stay organized the way I wanted and keep my kids busy eating butsi while I'll make beaded earrings ..:)
Anyways, talking about beaded earrings, I made a  Blue Bead Dangle Earrings!!! wohoo! I'm so excited about this earrings. I never make any thing like this before and it doesn't stop me from doing so, Why? It is super easy to make, Promise! I even surprised myself..(hahah) and its so CUTE!
 All you need to have is beads- any kind whatever you have on hand, jewelry pliers, headpins, ear wire. I have a super easy tutorial below to give you some idea on how to make them, OR you can watch some videos on Youtube. The idea here is, as long as you know how to tie the wire you are good to go. Just simply connect everything with jump rings. Isn't exciting?  I would recommend giving it a try and it would be fun to make this dangle earrings with your friends. Just be creative and combine your favorite colors. Ready to get started? Check out my super easy tutorial below..:) wink!

Materials needed:
(6) Blue round beads
(6) White E beads
(12) Mint green E beads
(6) Sky Blue Bi-cone  beads
Jump rings- I used 6 pieces 4mm
Split rings- optional you can just used jump rings
(12) Headpins
(2) Ear wire
Chain nose and Round nose pliers and Flush/Wire cutter

1.) Slide the Blue round beads on the head pins.
2.) Using round nose pliers, Hold and headpins about an inch or so enough to twist the wire and create three loops. Do this method until all 6 is done. You can totally make more if want too..:)
3.) Same process with the blue round beads. Slide the Mint green E beads onto the headpins, then the sky blue bi-cone and the White E beads.
4.) Using round nose pliers about an inch or so twist the wire create a loops. It also help the beads secured. Do this method until everything is done. You can do this process with other kind of beads also:)
5.) Using Chain and Nose pliers. Add the jump rings into the Dangle beads. Keep adding the jump rings and the dangle beads until you connect all 3 jump rings.
6.) Make sure that they all the dangle beads are connected with the jump rings.
7.) Add the split rings or jump rings on both earrings.
8.) Using chain and round nose pliers add the ear wire on both earrings.
9.) DONE! Perfect for this coming spring. You can totally make any kinds of beads and make as many as you want.

Until next time everyone! I hope you get inspired with my easy dangle earrings tutorial. Make it something cute, fun and festive and just be creative!. See you in few days for more simple and easy beaded moments... wink:)

xoxoxox- Melgie
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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Orange Inspired Nail Colors

Nail Polish Inspired

 Hello Everyone!  I'm back with another nail polish inspired idea wohooo! This time, I used Wet N Wild Brand which is pretty affordable. The weather is not so bad but its just so cold outside again with that being said, I'm wishing for Spring right this moment, So, this is where my orange inspired nail polish kick in. I think the color can be blend with anything and its so Spring, (Chikka Buzz!) I was transferred to another department and been adjusting for like a week now, Yippee! So, my week is pretty much adjusting with my new work schedule. I'm learning as I go and pretty stoked about it. Can you tell I'm excited?( hehhe)
I can't remember when the last time I made bead bracelets, its been like a month now and I missed doing it. I should be back in making beads bracelets, or earrings pretty soon. I might make one right now (hahaha). What the best way to spend my day off right? Hanging out with my kids, painting nails, making beads bracelet or earrings, and pigging out Filipino food? Anyway, just giving you an nail color idea of the week. You might want to try it out. What do you think?
So far, this is my third nail polish inspired since I started this blog. If you want to check my other nail polish inspired creations just click HERE and HERE.  I hope your get inspired and join me with my Orange inspired nail polish today....wink:)

 Beauty Tips:
- Pick your favorite brand and color of nail polish.
- Make sure that your nails are clean and polish. I personally don't go beyond cleaning my nails just little trim and brush is fine with me.
Right Handed
- Start painting your RIGHT hand using your left hand. Let it dry first before applying the second coat of nail polish.
- Pain your LEFT hand using your right hand.  Let it dry first before applying the second coat of nail polish.
- If your LEFT handed, paint your left hand with your right hand and vice versa. I found this method so much easier and less mess..:)
- Let the nail polish completely dry.
- Enjoy your fresh painted nails anytime of the day!!:)

Till next time everyone!. I hope you get inspired painting your nails this week. See you in few days for more crafty moments, beads creations and much more...:)
xoxoxo- Melgie

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