Tuesday, February 25, 2014

DIY Make-up Organizer

My version of DIY Make-up Organizer

Happy Tuesday Everyone! How was your week doing so far? I was extremely busy in last 3 days trying to make up some behind house chores due to unexpected back pain.  Anyway, I feel a lot better now, seems like everything is back to normal and I would like to say " Thank You" for all your heart warming concerns and advice.:)
Talking about house chores, luckily for me I got 2 cutie little helper in the house whose willing to help me, Yay! Lately, I'm having problem make everything look nice and organize especially my make-up accessories and taking more time get everything into place. So, I always just put everything in a box and put it underneath the sink but yesterday, I accidentally spell my mascara all over the place and I ended up spending time cleaning.. ( NAY!). Since then, I been thinking about buying Make-up Organizer at the store for some reason I back off at very last minute and decided to make one my own instead. So here it is, My version of DIY Make-Up organizer. I got all this cute make-up accessories last Christmas during our gift exchange, that's the only reason why I have all this stuff. ( hehehe)  It also helped me to used some of my unused boxes laying around the house.
The idea behind this DIY Organizer is very simple. Cut the boxes into desired size, glued them together and covered it with your favorite wrapping paper,, embellish it cut off from wrapping paper but if you have fancy ribbons and sticker you can also used that one.  Remember the Shoe Boxes I made for my kids? The concept is the same but in different form and style. I also recycled my wrapping paper on my last project and used it on this one.
My kids are having fun making their own creation as well. Join me with my crafty fun moments and hopefully you'll be inspired.wink:)

Things you'll need:
Unused Boxes- used whatever you have on hand.
Glue gun, glue and tape- hold them together
Unused wrapping paper
Embellishment- optional

1.) Cut the top of the first box to create the base line of the organizer.
2.) Cut the second box into half. Make sure its small enough to fit on the base.
3.) I also added some cut small boxes ( bar soap boxes) to fit on the front.
4.) Try to position all the cut boxes. Make sure that they all fit before putting them all together.
5.) Using Glue Gun glued them together. Push little bit more if you need to.:)
6.) Wrap it with your favorite wrapping paper. I cut cute flowers from wrapping paper for embellishment.

No more missing lipsticks or nail polish everywhere. I got everything I need all in one place and its organize according to colors and sizes. Yay! The finish product is better than I expected.
It's not only I save money from buying one, It also gives me some bonding moment with my kiddies. Share me your crafty moments with you kids, friends or family. Have you ever make your own make-up organizer? Share me your ideas..:)
Till next time... Enjoy the rest of the week.. See you in few days for more fun moments..

xxoxoox- Melgie
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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Our Family Sketch

 Family Sketch by: Reyna

Happy Tuesday everyone!
My back is been hurting for like 3 days now (sign of aging? just kidding!) Everything is moving so slow lately between house chores, work and family. I can't recall any incidents leading to this back pain but I'm telling you.. it HURTS! ( ouch ) To brighten up my day, My little girl got me something this morning! A family drawing! I think its super cute and so proud to share it here on my blog. One of my daughter's past time is "Pretend and Play" painting nails, coloring books and drawing. I never expected something like this CUTE! and I'm such a proud Momma! I can't help but to laughed it so just adorable! "She told me that the rainbow is for us to look at" Maybe you just wondering what the rainbow for hehehe. She made me another sketch without the rainbow on the background. ( Check out the photo below). I'm going to keep this drawing and show it to her in the future. I'm excited for each and everyday being with my kids, Its going to be more learning and fun discoveries and super fun weekdays ahead of us. Hope my back gets little better as well!.:)

This family sketch remind me of how lucky I am to be a Mom of two wonderful kids. They are just so cute together playing and being silly sometimes...
I'm my  artist behind this Family Sketch:
- She love to draw, color and write.
- She love to play " Pretend and Play"
- She love to dance and sing..
- She is very adorable and helpful..:)
Just give her pens, crayons and she's all set for couple hours. I love how my kids surprise me, It could be  new cartoons, a drawing, or a story of a movie they watched on TV. Loving the journey of being a Mom.:)
Till next time lovely parents. Share me your sweet thoughts about your kiddies and how they surprise you in a very cute way..:)
xoxox- Melgie
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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Happy Valentines Day Everyone

Happy Valentines Day to my Sweetie and Family--:)

Happy Valentines Day to my Sweetie and Family on PhotoPeach

Sweet Hello everyone! Advanced Valentines Day to all of you!:)
Where the time goes? It seems like everything went so fast and 2 days more to go and its Valentines Day. Love is in the air, as flowers and chocolate are pretty much everywhere now. I've seen a lot of people buying sweet and cute stuff for their love ones. Isn't is so sweet? I don't really consider Valentines Day a major event but I'm still gonna get a card for my hubby and those Paper Fortune Cookies that I made and maybe his favorite chocolate. Do you have any plans on Valentines Day?
Talking about Valentines- do you remember your first Valentine Day? I do, and I'm sharing it here on my blog...:)
 My Valentine Story February 14, 2007!
 I was on my 2nd year college and about to take an exam on one of my subject. I got a text from LBC asking my address so that they can delivered the flowers right away. To be honest, I didn't believed it and thinking that my friends are making a joke about it. I can't concentrate on my exam anymore.. ( affected? sino ba naman ang hindi? ) After the exam I replied to LBC and texted my address and asked who's it from? LBC replied right away saying that " I'm sorry but there's no senders name" So went home getting excited of course!.
I think the 30 minutes travel from University to HOME is like forever..( hahaha).To make this short story shorter. I get home! the package is waiting for me.. the whole family surround me, ( were all curious!) I started to open the box,,, carefully! (hahaha) The 3 dozen red roses is so beautiful! wrapped with beautiful bows and smells divine. (I wish I have a camera at that time, kaso wala eh!)
The fact that he find his way to surprise me on Valentines Day is the sweetest thing ever. He have no idea how much it mean to me. ( fallen in-love!)I wish I had  a camera that time to captured the 36 red Roses but I don't but I surely kept the sweet note attached to the flowers...

 Show your love and care to your hubby/ love ones everyday. To this day, I still remember my first Valentines Day ever! Stay Sweet everyone. 
Happy Valentines Day to all of you.....xoxoxox
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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Paper Fortune Cookies

Paper LOVE Fortune Cookies

Sweet Valentines for my Hubby


When you are in love you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.

- Dr. Seuss

 Sweet Hello Everyone!


Are you feeling  love? inspired? day dreaming? kilig? Whatever your mood and thoughts about Valentines Day. I'm sure its going to be a sweet one... wink:)
Come on and join me as I welcome the month of February with full of LOVE inspired ideas. Starting off with my my Paper Fortune "LOVE" Cookies. Isn't it adorably sweet? I accidentally saw this on Pinterest the other day and I'm totally in-love with the idea of Paper Fortune Cookies very simple yet so sweet. The idea is pretty simple, simply follow the instruction below on how to make the Paper Fortune Cookies which is pretty simple. Insert your personalized love notes in the paper fortune cookies, glued them together and whoala!! DONE! That's it.. you can be as creative as you can be, by using card stock with heart design or you can just draw hearts just like what I did on mine. Talking about being frugal, I used the cleaned pasta sauce jar that I have put little string and attached a very sweet note.. So simple right? I think so too..
This is like one of my Valentines Day surprise for hubby... shhhh! I think hes gonna like this one. I have few extra  Love Fortune Cookies left and I'm thinking putting it on his lunch boxes now and then to give him a little boost of inspiration while at work.. (hahaha)
Love is in the air, I'm totally feeling it right now..(hahah) Share me your sweet Valentines plans for your hubby/loveones. I'm excited what you come up with...:)
Check out the super easy tutorial below:)
Notes/ Ideas:
- Put the LOVE paper fortune cookies on a cute Chinese take out box. 
 (If you don't have one?) NO Problem! I got a solution- I used an empty pasta sauce jar. Yup! talking about frugal, this is it. All you have to do is clean it really good and dry if off. Be creative and add some ribbons and note, just like what I did ( refer the very first picture on top)
- You can also put it on his lunch box - Little surprise and give him that boost of inspiration while at work.
- LOVE NOTES- There's a lot printable that you can find on the internet for some inspiration.

Materials you'll need:
Card stock- choose your favorite color and design
Glue gun or Glue- hold cookies together
Paper clips
Empty jar or Box- storage for fortune cookies
Bowl - for pattern
LOVE notes- printable/handwritten its all up to you:)

1.) Cut a circle pattern on the card stock. I used a small bowl for the pattern and it works well, about 4 inches wide.
2.) Gently fold the cut out in half, create a crease on the middle. Make sure that two ends align. ( I practice like 3 times to get it perfect..wink)
3.) Insert the LOVE notes and then fold. Put some glue about about an inch from the crease area. Put paper clip to hold them together.
4.) Keep doing the whole process until you done everything..
5.) Remove the paper clip, and make sure that it looks like fortune cookie..:)
6.) Using the color pen, I draw some cute hearts to make it look so cute. If your using pattern paper you don't have to do this step.
7.) DONE! Pretty simple yet so sweet!

I hope you get inspired and hopefully it will help you to create something cute and fun for your love ones this coming Valentines Day. Share me your sweet crafty ideas or something sweet that you have in mind for your love ones. Have a sweet day everyone! See you in few days:)

xoxox: Melgie

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