Sunday, December 29, 2013

Craft Project- Shoe Boxes

Crafty Project with my Kiddies

Hello Everyone! We are counting the New Year in our house... and this coming Wednesday we gonna have a little New Years party with my friends. Yay! I'm pretty excited  to hang out with my friends and to Welcome 2014 with big BOOM! It's gonna be fun!
What to look forward this coming 2014? As the writer of Wish4less, I want to inspire more people by writing and sharing the creative side of me.. wink:) I hope you get inspired!
Today, well be making crafty project inspired by Shoe Boxes. Recycling? Yup! After this super easy project your not gonna look shoe boxes so boring anymore. Be as creative as you wanna be, you can totally rock your old shoe boxes into cute notes boxes or it could be your kiddies mini bank/savings box. The concept is so simple.. simply wrap the shoe box with your favorite wrapper and Whoala! Perfect Box! It can also save you money buying those expensive boxes on the mall for your notes and cards. 
Look what Santa got for my kids on Christmas? Lol! Its too obvious that my kids love super heroes and Disney princesses. Since 2014 is like 3 days away why not start it with shoe box mini bank. I think saving a little extra will not gonna hurt your budget. It could be some change or bill or kiddies birthday gifts. C'mon lets make that shoe boxes that you got for Christmas and turn into something cute.
My kids love the decorating parts.. Can you tell? Its gonna be sticker galore if I let them:)
NOTE: Make sure put all the sharp materials away from kiddies..:)
Things you'll need:
Shoe Boxes
Clear Tape
Cardboard cutter/ knife- I used knife to cut the little square on the center.
Colorful wrapper or paper

-  Use the cardboard cutter or knife/ scissor to cut the hold of the shoe box. Remember be careful doing it and make sure that the bill can fit into the hole.
- Tape the side of the hole to avoid paper cut. If you don't want to open it every time you put the money in and to avoid temptation as well.Tape the top and bottom part of the shoe box with clear tape.
- The fun part.. cover the shoe box with your favorite wrapper or use whatever you have in hand. Afterall its all about recycling...wink:)
- DECORATE the shoe box the way you want it to be.. ENJOY your Mini Bank made with your recycle shoe boxes. 
- Lets start saving for year 2014. I think you'll be surprise how much you save for 12 month period.

Rock that shoe boxes on your closet and turn it into something cute and lovely! Be creative as you can be... Happy New Year Everybody!!
Be creative, Be crafty and Be You..:) See you in few days for more cute stuff.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Bath and Body Works Lotion- By Enchanted

Signature Collections- By Enchanted

 Happy Thursday Everyone! As you all know, Christmas is like 6 days away! Yippee!! and it feels like it getting colder everyday. As a result my hands tend to dry up and get flaky, yikes! and sometimes it hurt! So having lotion all the time helps a lot keeping my hands soft and smooth.
Couple days ago we went to Bath and Body works to get some lotion. I'm not choosy kind of person. I'll used whatever lotion there is, but Bath and Body Works is really nice store for perfume, lotion, shower gel, candles and much more. ( My favorite store to go for this kind of stuff ). They also have cute gift baskets already wrap up for very affordable price. My favorite lotion is Signature Collection ( Sweet Pea) I just think they smell so good...! but this time I wanna to explore and try different kind  for a change, I tried the Signature Collection ( By Enchanted- Shea and Vitamin E lotion  )  The lotion is rich and it smells good...:) Perfect for this winter season! By the way, Bath and Body Works wrap your purchased really nice with Christmas bag and some coupons for future purchased. I think this is also perfect Christmas gift for your lovely friends. What you think? What is your favorite lotion? Please share..wink:)

- Apply lotion every time you need to especially this winter season to avoid the skin from drying.
- Use moisturizing or with Vitamin E lotion for best result. It works great on mine!

 See you in few days for more beauty tips, crafts idea and much more!...:) Have great day..:)

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Silver Nail Polish Inspired!

Silver Nail Polish for Change:)

 This holiday season is the busiest month of the year with that being said, I don't think there's much time to spent for manicure. I'm not against going to the salon, actually its kinda nice to have someone clean and paint your nails. It just get little pricey to in a long run. Let say, the nail polish will last for 2 weeks and then you need to come back for another session..and so on and so fort. I've seen some of my friends and bloggers painting there nails and it look so perfect. and to tell you I was totally inspired! How easy it is to put nail polish on your nails? VERY EASY! and INEXPENSIVE! who don't like that? I'm not really fancy when it comes to my nail polish, as long I love the color and its affordable I go with it, just like my silver inspired nail polish...wink!

I didn't even have to spent to much time cleaning up my nails, I just simply put the nail polish, within less than 15 minutes I'M DONE! yes! that's how quick it is and its very easy! The good thing about this is, your saving money at the same time you learned something new...and just simply have fun painting your nails whenever you want to.

All you need are- Cleaning Nail Kit, Nail Polish, Nail Polish Remover and cotton balls. That's it!

* If this is your first time applying nail polish on your nails. It's OK! if you didn't get it nice and neat at first attempt, NO WORRY! That what nail polish remover for..
* If your Right handed, start painting your right hand FIRST using your left hand. This is method is work perfectly fine with me every time. Let it DRY and then apply the second coat and let it DRY.
* Then paint your left hand using your right hand- this make the whole process so easy for you, since your dominant hand is your right.. Again after drying the first coat apply the second one and let it dry.
* If you are not comfortable painting your nails ask your friends to come over to your place have a nice little nail painting season, all kind of girly stuffs and have fun! A perfect way to spend time together!

Hope you learn something new.. What's your favorite nail polish? Do you paint your own nails? Share me some thoughts! I love to know:)

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Lattice Beaded Bracelet

My First Lattice Beaded Bracelet

 Hello Everyone! I was totally inspired making anything with beads this days, last week I made a Beaded Ring and Beads Bracelet and Today, I'll be sharing my Lattice Beaded Bracelet. Its pretty cool how nice to create something by combining different colors of beads and making it a bracelet. Lattice Beaded Bracelet is pretty easy bead bracelet there is, the only problem is it takes time make it. The finish product is very nice bracelet and the pattern is amazingly CUTE. I'm gonna make more of this in different color and shapes of beads. This Lattice Beaded Bracelet that I make is for Maka- my friend in-law. She saw the ring that I made earlier this week and ask me to make her some paired with bracelet for Christmas.. and here it is! I finished it today..Yay! I hope she like it.

 This is what happen when your camera is not taking a very clear picture.  I'm trying to hold the bracelet while my other hand is taking a picture using my phone.
Are you ready for Christmas? I think making this Lattice Beaded Bracelet is very thoughtful gift you could ever give to your friends.
There's a lot of tutorial in the internet making this bracelet easier than ever. Feel free to used whatever color of beads you like. Don't forget to have fun while doing it, the experience is amazing! and  one more thing! grab something to munch on or to drink or just simply listen to your favorite music. Whatever makes you feel inspired..wink:)

 Getting the first pattern is so easy, once you've done it your good to go!

 Putting the second color of beads on both side.

 At this point, you can leave the bracelet like this or you can add more embellishment on the top to make it more elegant looking...

This is the what I made for Maka- She loved purple and blue and there is it!! complete with embellishment on the top.
Along with this Lattice Beaded Bracelet are the Rings that I made, but I'll make a separate for that.:)

Enjoy and have fun week! Let me know what you make so interesting this days? See you around!

Monday, December 9, 2013

KATIE WOO- Book Review

Katie Woo Book  in our Mailbox!

 Hello Friends! We got super nice freebie on our mailbox couple days ago. The Free Katie Woo book that I signed up on their Facebook Page back in October 2013 is finally arrived on our mailbox. If you aware of this promotion and you did signed up you probably have  Katie Woo book with your kiddies by now. As expected my daughter is super happy... like big grin on her face and biggest smile ever.  It took like 6-8 weeks delivery but its worth waiting for :) My daughter loves Katie Woo and now she wants to collect all of them. We already read all the chapters and reading it over and over again. The book is super easy to read for kids and the pictures are visually appealing. I would highly recommend this book for your kiddies.

 She loved Katie Woo Book !:)

Its KATIE WOO celebrates- the book is all about Katie Woo celebrates with her friends. My daughter LOVED them all.

Note: The FREE BOOK promotion is not available by the time I'm posting my review. Keep checking their Facebook Page for more information.:)

Disclosure: I got the book for FREE by signing up through their Facebook Page. I review the book voluntary because we loved it. No connection between me and the company. Opinion is 100% mine.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Beaded Ring Creation

My First Beaded Ring Creation

Hello Everyone! I'm back with another bead creations, I made a Beaded Rings picture above. I think I'm kinda obsessed with making beads in past few days now. ( hahahah) I been making few rings and bracelet made of beads and of course I'll be sharing it here on my blog soon. First thing first, I suggest that you should grab something that give some boost of energy or make you inspire. for instance I like to have hot chocolate every morning and whenever I start making Rings or Bracelet. It gives me some sort of energy that I need to finish.
To be honest, I'm kinda intimidated watching the tutorial videos on You-tube at first, but you can catch on it after getting an idea of how to put the beads in position. Remember all the tiny details, in my case I'd like to write on a piece of paper and after you mastered the design move on to the next one. I think its pretty awesome if you could do everything from bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces. I suggest to work on one project and be good at it and then proceed to the next one. I did not learn doing everything in one night and like many other first timer I also encountered lot of problems, especially I go with complicated designs. The idea here is to give you inspiration to make your own beads creation and maybe you gonna love it just like how much I loved it. It's always  nice feeling to share your experience with someone who have same interest as you. I'm all hands down a craft and beads lover, seriously I get so excited seeing beads and crafty materials.. Are you? If yes! then we gonna be best friend on this project. Choose your favorite bead color combination and lets start...

Things you need:
2 ft. fishing line
1 (4mm round beads)- your choice of color
2 ( 2mm)-
E beads
11 seedbed -

Its hard to explain the directions word by word it makes it more confusing I think, I suggest to watch tutorial on YouTube to gives you some idea on how to do it. BUT I'll be posting some pictures to give you a glance on how i did it. Remember making this kind of project required patience.. I'm talking about long one!:)
NOTE: Don't be confuse about the beads color, I made two different color but the design is the same..

 This is very bead project you could ever find, Once you know the patter you can just do it over and over again.

 Continue the process until every beads is in place.

 I'm ready to make the tie the ring together:)

  This is what it looks like before puttting them altogether

 finish product! That's my daughter's hand:)


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